Best Fidget Toys. Top Five Fidget Toys.

Best Fidget Toys

Over the years, toys have been a trend. It depends on the toys really but when a particular toy starts to get the popularity it becomes the favorite of the many. Recently there has been a new toy that has really taken the market by storm, the fidget spinner.

Well, the working mechanism is fairly simple. All you need to do is, spin it while holding the spoke or the center.

The main part of a fidget spinner is a ball bearing. You will need to find multiple of these bearings and then you will need to insert that bearing in the center in order to spin it properly. Depending on the quality of the bearing, the spinner will act smooth. Here are 5 best fidget toys that you might want to own and have fun.

1. EWR Spinner Fidget Toy

EWR Spinner Fidget Toy

This is one of the best of the fidget toys that I available online. The center bearing is made of ceramic and the outer spokes have 3 bearings made of steel. The design is really simple and if you can control it properly you can enjoy it spinning for 1-3 mis on an average. You can find it on Amazon here

2. Axle by Destroyer

Best fidget toys

Axle from the Destroyer is another fidget toy that is really impressive. It has 2 tiers and it is a hand spinner too. You can spin it not only from its center, but also it can spin on the outer bearings too. The product is made of plastic but works just fine enough to have a quality time. You can find it on Amazon here

3. VICTOREM Metal Hand Spinner

best fidget toy

This metal spinner is made of brass and copper. It has only 1 bearing. Although there are plenty of beautifully designed spinners available in the market, but still as a simple design, this one might be the best choice for you. You can find it on Amazon here

4. TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC

Best fidget toys

This spinner from TYZEST is a metal spinner and is made of copper. The bearing used in the center is made of stainless steel and ceramic. The weight of the metal and high quality bearing let it spin for ages literally. The price of this product might be a bit high comparatively but the quality is really great. You can find it on Amazon here

5. Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner

This spinner is known to be an anti-anxiety spinner. Although any of the spinners can be really good to calm yourself down, but this one is modeled to fight anxiety. And as the users suggest,this spinner is really good for those who are suffering from anxiety. The quality of this spinner is okay when you compare with the price at which it is available. So, anxiety or no anxiety, you can surely get one for yourself and have a relaxed evening in your favorite chair. You can find it on Amazon here


As you can see, there are benefits of having a fidget toy. Every fidget spinner toy is designed to help you leave the stress behind and have some sort of a relief. Some of them might work very well for the anxiety, some might just provide the entertainment, but you surely need to get one of these. The best thing for you to do would be choose any of these top 5 best fidget toys and see if it can really make any difference to you.

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