what is a stress ball

What Is A Stress Ball? Find Out Here.

What Is A Stress Ball?

 A stress ball can be described as a flexible toy. It is about seven centimeters in diameter. It is squeezed in the hand and then manipulated by the fingers. This exercise assists a lot in reducing stress and muscle tension. This is also a good exercise for hand muscles.
Types of stress balls:
1) A closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber form.This kind of stress ball is created by injecting liquid components of a foam into a mold. The chemical reaction that results from forms bubbles of carbon dioxide and ultimately comes out in the form of a foam.
2) Phone shaped stress balls.They have long been very popular promotional stress ball gifts. The famous British red phone box is no exception. These well-known pay phones that are still seen from time to time in the UK are unfortunately becoming a rare site due to mobile phones. They are, however,still quite nostalgic and they are used in a stress ball.

3) Ambulance squeeze balls.They are often used to promote a number of important medical and healthy living messages. These popular stress toys can be manufactured to order in the colors of your state or country’s ambulance services. In fact, due to advances in digital printing, they can be made to look almost like exact minutes with full-color printing on the sides and top.

Stress ball advised for physical therapy contain gel of different masses. The gel is placed inside a cloth or rubber skin. Another type of stress ball is made by using a thin rubber film that encloses a fine powder.
A stress ball can also be made at home via filling a balloon with baking soda. Some balls look like foot-bag and are marketed and used widely as stress balls.

The name ‘Stress ball’ may indicate that the shape of this substance is spherical. However, these are available in different pleasant shapes, spot written or screen written. Some are also available with corporate logos. These make great gifts for clients and employees.

Stress balls can play a major role in decreasing stress injuries. Due to the shape, these balls are available in; they are known as stress relievers and also make a great corporate promotional product.
Stress balls are wonderful options to relieve stress. Whenever the hand is turned into a fist, you would notice certain muscle tension. This muscle tension may be encountered if you do not have anything in the palm. As soon as the grip of the fist is released the muscle tension eases.

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