Stress Relieving Gifts

Stress Relieving Gifts.The Amazing Benefits of Stress Balls

Stress Relieving Gifts

When experiencing pressures of any kind, stress balls for kids can help restore peace and calmness in children. We live in a fast paced world. People are in a constant race and competition in pursuit of better lives and happiness. In children, stress may arise from hefty school work or tension with friends. A child could also experience pressure due to an illness or upon undergoing a traumatic experience. Stress balls offer immense emotional, psychological and physiological benefits to children.

A stress ball helps shift the attention of children from stressful situations. For instance, a child could be isolated or bullied by friends. Squeezing a stress ball helps shift his thoughts from the loneliness or bitterness. The relief derived from squeezing a stress ball is equivalent to that derived from mediation. It helps stimulate the nerves located on the hands. These nerves are connected to the limbic region of the brain. Stimulation of the hands leads to release of endorphin which results to an overall feel good effect. This could greatly enhance the moods of a child.


Studies indicate that stress balls for kids are highly beneficial to autistic kids. Kids with autism and ADHD are able to manage stress better by using a stress ball. It provides a calming effect on kids reducing hyperactivity and fidgeting. A child is able to relax and self- regulate. In schools, a stress ball will help a child focus and absorb more knowledge in class. There are numerous quiet classroom stress balls. These can be squeezed without disturbing other students or interrupting the learning process.


If your child is struggling with anger and anxiety management, stress balls may help. Advise the kid to squeeze the ball whenever he experiences surging anger within him. Whenever the need to punch his peers arises, a stress ball can help shift such anger.

Stress Relieving Gifts

Stress balls come in numerous colors and designs to choose from. They range from the conventional squeeze balls to the highly stimulating sensory balls. To enhance their effectiveness, stress balls may contain squishy texture and spikes. This will make them more pleasurable to squeeze and will have a higher stimulating effects on the nerves. All you need is to choose the ones that suit your child best!

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