Best Clock Radio 2018

Best Clock Radio

Who doesn’t love to sleep? The most cherished moment of your life might be the time when you are sleeping and that is why waking up right in the morning hours is a real pain. For this purpose you might want to have a radio alarm clock. When there was no smartphone, even then people used to wake up using the alarm clock but it wasn’t that great to hear. The main reason for having a radio alarm clock is to wake up early morning even if you are not willing to. Buying a radio alarm clock is a piece of cake, but choosing amongst the long list of clocks is a hectic job. Here are top 5 alarm clocks that you can consider for sure.

1. RCA Digital Alarm Clock

best clock radio

This is one of the best radio alarm clocks that are available in the market. This device is really impressive. The brightness of this digital clock is just fine, and the big size of the digits is clearly visible. The most important thing is the sound of the alarm and it has a nice alarm sound. The material used make this alarm clock durable and high quality. You can find it on Amazon here. RCA Digital Alarm Clock

2. Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock Radio

best clock radio

EAAC601 from Electrohome is the second best in the list of top 5 radio alarm clocks. The projection capability is the highlight of this radio click. The projection of the time and the temperature is really clear and the music while the alarm is ringing is really good for your ears. You can find it on Amazon here. Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock Radio

3. Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio (EAAC475)

best clock radio

Another alarm clock radio from Elctrohome. This one comes with high quality features along with a sturdy design. It has 2 most important features, one is the auto setting for time and date and the second one is the display turn off facility. You do not have to worry about the date and time settings every day and the turned off display will give you a nice night sleep without any light in the room.You can find it on Amazon here. Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio (EAAC475)

4. Sony ICFC1 Best Alarm Clock Radio

best clock radio

This alarm clock radio is from Sony. If you are looking for a simple yet effective alarm clock, then this is the one that you need choose. The reset button at the top of the clock will not only stop the alarm ring, but also make sure it resets for the next day. Ideal for anyone with simple taste. You can find it on Amazon here. Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock Radio

5. Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

best clock radio

This Best clock radio from Sony gives you the best sound quality. With the LED display and couple of alarm settings, this alarm clock is really found its way in the top list. The built of this radio clock is really small and you can carry it with you anywhere you want.You can find it on Amazon here. Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio


Choosing a proper radio clock out of the pack, is really a difficult task, but when you have only 5 choices to go through, it becomes really easier. These radio clocks are currently the best that you can get, and you can choose any one of them for sure. So, get one today and make your early morning wake up a bit easier. Best clock radio

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