Best Box Fan 2017 For Your Home Reviewed.

Best Box Fan

With the price of every daily life amenities raising high, everyone is looking to save some money in the cooling bills. This is where the box fans can come handy; they are small in size, light in weight, durable and also comfortable in the summer too. The most important part is that, it does not take that much power compared to an AC and the price of the box fans is surely not as high as the AC. So, yes! This is a great start to save your money. Here are top 3 box fans that are available online. You can choose any of these or any other models depending on your performance requirement and own style.

1. Holmes HBF2010A-WM Box Fan

best box fan

This is one of the best amongst the long list of box fans. The size is 20” only and it has a metal construction which is really durable. Comes in the black, blue or white color, you can choose any color suiting your house. The blade design is such that it increases the airflow and you can set the fan speed on any of the 3 settings. To clean the blade and the grill, you can just unscrew them and the clean. You can also use separate feet to give it more stability. The users who have bought this fan, hasn’t complained about a single thing and everyone has praised the high performance and the efficiency in saving energy and money. The only problem with this model is that, you cannot transport it that easily. You can find it on Amazon here Holmes HBF2010A-WM Box Fan

2. Lasko 3723 Premium Box Fan

best box fan

This box fan from Lasko is a wonder of engineering. The size is 20” only and it has the speed controls on the top of the fan. The unit can be carried easily to any part of the house with the top handle fixed with it. The material used for this box fan is steel and you can buy only the white color. You can modify this fan to add a filter to have a clear and clean airflow to your house, otherwise this box fan can be really a good option to choose for any one. You can find it on Amazon here Lasko 3723 Premium Box Fan

3. Lasko B20401 Decor Box Fan

best box fan

This is another box fan from Lasko. The color of this unit is black and it comes totally assembled. The fan dimension is 20” and the specially designed blade gives the best quality air flow. This box fan is really good at saving power and it merely costs 2 cents an hour. You can move this fan to any place you want using the top handle. Much like the other models of Lasko, this model also has the speed controllers on the top of the fan. The edge of the fan is rounded to avoid any kind of injuries in case any one goes too close of the fan. You can find it on Amazon here Lasko B20401 Decor Box Fan


So, this is it! These are the best of the best box fan that you can choose from. Now it is really your choice to buy the one that will suit your room environment and style the most. One thing you can be sure of is that, no matter which one you choose, you are going to have a nice cool summer this year for sure.

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